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Warchief (2024)

Warchief (2024)

A band of guardians are tasked with protecting a messenger who must urgently deliver vital information to their king. On their deadly quest across an ancient land, they face incredible danger as they battle against plague-ridden outcasts, dark magic, and vile monsters.

  • Genre:Action, Adventure, Fantasy
  • Release:
  • Stars:Andrea Vasiliou, Bob Silver-Smith, Bobby Hirston, David Wilkinson, Holly Barnard, Johanna Allitt, Mark Paul Wake, Michael Kinsey, Michael Lambourne, Rosanna Miles, Ruth Clarson, Sarah Louise Madison, Steven Elliot, Stuart Brennan, Suzanne Packer, Teddy Robson, Tina Louise Owens, Tony Cook
  • Duration:94 min
  • Director:Stuart Brennan
  • Country:GB

Watch the trailer below;

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