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Why We Are Seizing Imported Used Clothes, Shoes —Customs

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Hussein Ejibunu, acting comptroller of the Federal Operations Unit, Zone A of the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS), has stated that the Federal Government barred the importation of used clothing into the country due to the law supporting the service, as well as the aim to promote local clothing manufacturing and minimize disease outbreaks.

Ejibunu clarified that in addition to used clothing, the Federal Government’s absolute prohibited list also includes used refrigerators and used shoes. He stated: “The first and main reason why Customs detain used clothing is because it is prohibited under the Schedule 4 of the Customs Excise and Management Act’s absolute prohibition list (CEMA).

“Secondly, the Federal Government opposes the importing of worn garments due to the health risks involved. The health of persons who wore the majority of those clothes prior to their shipment here is unknown to Nigerians. Bringing in such goods can have dangerous impacts on Nigerians in this time when dangerous diseases like monkey pox are common.


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