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When Cuppy makes relationship suggestions, fans reacted

Normalise Being Kind To People – DJ Cuppy – Independent Newspaper Nigeria

Singer and disc jockey, Florence Otedola, aka DJ Cuppy, lives a kind of life that many can only fantasize about.

As the daughter of billionaire businessman, Femi Otedola, she can afford to travel to the best places in the world, and she does. However, despite how rosy her life looks, she seems not to have got it right when it comes to relationships. On different occasions, she had spoken about waiting for the right person. When her younger sister, Temi, got engaged recently, Cuppy stated that she couldn’t also wait to have that experience.

However, going by her recent posts on social media, it seems there is a special someone in the entertainer’s life.

During the week, she posted a picture of herself on an airplane and added the caption, “Catching flights and feelings all summer long.”

One follower, Desmond, said, “Hi Cuppy, want to catch feelings with me?”

Another follower, Buchi wrote, “Cuppy, it is easier living all these extravagant lifestyles but remember, you won’t be with daddy forever. Till now, there are no updates in terms of relationship for you, or are you keeping it a secret?”

On his part, Naze wrote, “You should be ‘catching’ feelings for guys in your inbox but you said ‘no’.”


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