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SHOCKING!!!! This time, Portable is going to jail –  could this mean the end of his career?

I Will Make Sure That i Sleep with People's Wife – Portable Zazu Declares |  GalantNaija

Ajah Boys and One Million Boys are armed robbery gangs that are led by the rapidly emerging rapper Portable.

Remember how the organization routinely robbed Lagos State people in 2020?

After being ridiculed for backing the APC in the Osun elections, he acknowledged that he was their leader in the now-deleted video.

In a popular video, the Zazu singer stated that he has no fear of anyone while speaking Yoruba.

Portable says in the clip,

“Be attentive and keep your ears open.

“Ajah Boys, One Million Boys? Have you heard of them? I put them there. Go speak with Sammy Larry.

He said that in his younger days, socialites Sam larry Eletu and Abu Abel were acquainted with him.

Gangs like Ajah Boys and One Million Boys are well-known for carrying out violent acts and terrorizing Lagos citizens with lethal weapons.

A number of the two terror gangs’ members have been detained by the police at various points, while others have been listed as wanted.

After being asked to appear about a video in which he was instructing his assistants to assault a young guy known as DJ Chicken, Portable recently turned himself into the Ogun State Police Command headquarters in Eleweran, Abeokuta.


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