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Purposely, this publication is created to emphasize the security of a voting application i.e the type of security that can be applied and how effective it should be.



When talking about a secure voting application, there are a lot of things involved. A secure voting application should comprise of registration of voters on the application and allocating different serial numbers or any details that will make a voter different from another, this will be stored in the server so that whenever a voter is ready to cast vote. He or she will be recognized easily by the application.

This application should also feature the use of biometrics like face ID, iris scanner, and fingerprint to keep the application secure from intruders and also for authorization and authentication purposes.



     A secure voting application will be dealing with the problem of physical voting which is characterized by different kinds of atrocities like bribery, rigging of the elections, thuggery, and sometimes destruction of individual and government properties.

The secure voting application will make elections decentralized and free from rigging and other dangers. Voting will be done by an individual anytime anywhere in as much the individual has been registered to the electoral server.

Secure Electronic Voting Application Based on Face Recognition and Ciphering


programming languages like JavaScript and Jason will be used for the front-end development of the applications. Google Firebase will be used for the back-end development of the application.

The following are also needed when creating a secure voting application.

  • SSL for login details POST
  • Secure cookie
  • Session expiration
  • Authenticate actions usually by role
  • Salt password hashes
  • Never store plain text or unsalted passwords
  • Prevent privelege escalation
  • Prevent missing step attacks




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