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How She Caught A Killer (2023)

How She Caught A Killer (2023)

How She Caught A Killer (2023)

Inspired by a true story, rookie detective Linda Murphy (Sarah Drew) is fresh out of the police academy when she hears her boss, detective David Goodman (Eric Keenleyside) talking about a serial killer in the area who seems to be targeting sex workers. Teaming up with FBI agent Neil Carter (Jamall Johnson), Linda fights to go undercover to help solve the murders and, if all goes accordingly, capture a serial killer.

  • Genre:Drama, Mystery, Thriller, TV Movie
  • Release:
  • Stars:Barbara Tyson, Benita Ha, Bradley Stryker, Delilah Hamlin, Donavon Stinson, Eric Keenleyside, Graeme Duffy, Jamall Johnson, Sarah Drew
  • Duration:90 min
  • Director:Robin Hays


Watch the trailer below;

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