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EXPOSED!!! Abe and Wike conspired to run for governor of Rivers under the SDP, the APC claims.

The All Progressives Congress (APC) chapter in Rivers State claimed that former senator Magnus Abe worked against the party.
In a news conference on Wednesday, the publicity secretary, Chris Finebone, made this declaration.

He charged Abe with conspiring with Governor Nyseom Wike to undermine the APC’s prospects of winning elections in 2019.

Following Abe and several of his supporters’ departure, Finebone spoke.

In recent years, the people, according to the spokesperson, “acted in every manner to destroy the APC in Rivers.”

In order to impede the party through litigation, according to Finebone, they “connived incessantly” with Wike and “used some elements in the state courts.”

“The culmination of their evil machinations was the exclusion of Rivers APC from the ballot in 2019.

“Evidence exists how Senator Abe and his lieutenants broke into celebration the day the Party was excluded by the court.”

After the 2019 defeat, according to Finebone, Abe persisted in weakening Rivers APC and continued to obtain assistance from outside the state.

He further claimed that Abe and his followers broke into the former Rivers APC Secretariat at Forces Avenue, Old GRA, Port Harcourt, and wrecked it.
According to Finebone, this is what prompted his close friends to quit and announce their departure from the APC on social media.

The representative said that one aspect of their departure strategy was to present themselves as active members “simply to fool the public.”

“Recently, they also hired hoodlums and attempted to destroy the present secretariat of the party.”

“Senator Abe and the few persons still with him had concluded plans to join the Social Democratic Party (SDP) on whose platform Abe will run for governor.”

“Rivers APC considers the formal exit of Abe and his associates from the APC as good riddance. We liken it to a successful excision of a debilitating cancer from the body.”

The platform wished him well “as he joins the SDP” and claimed it can now breathe a sigh of relief “from the persistent destabilizing attack by Senator Abe.”


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