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Erik ten Hag of Man United speaks with ESPN about a new era, transfers, Ronaldo, and other topics.

According to ESPN, Man United coach Erik ten Hag is Currently preparing his players for the new season, Ten Hag took a break from training in Melbourne to sit down with journalists, including from ESPN, to talk about why he took the job, his approach as a manager, Cristiano Ronaldo, Barcelona midfielder Frenkie de Jong, and his hopes for his new era at Man United.

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Below is the conversation between Erik Ten Hag and ESPN;

ESPN: How have you found the tour so far?

Ten Hag: Good. I think we are now three weeks on our way, two with the full squad and I think we have done well. The players respond well to the demands we have, I have. I set some standards, we introduce how we play, and I’m satisfied with that.

ESPN: Some of the players say it’s been one of toughest preseasons they’ve experienced. Is the fitness level of the squad something you thought needed to be addressed?

Ten Hag: Yes, this is why we started them quite early, fitness, but also I wanted to bring in a certain way of playing. It won’t be done when we finish preseason, but when we finish preseason we have to get results.

ESPN: What is that certain way of playing?

Ten Hag: We want to play proactive, attacking football where it’s possible. We want to play good, but if we don’t play good we still have to win.

ESPN: Do you want Man United to play like your Ajax teams?

Ten Hag: I don’t think so. Our team will be different of course because it is different players, a different type of football, that is clear. There is also a direct bridge to Man United. Finally it is about the players you have because I cannot change the identification of a player.

ESPN: How have you tried to get your message across to the players?

Ten Hag: It’s quite a lot — a lot. Let’s say a package of tools you have as a coach. Of course, training sessions, you have meetings, collective and also individual, and they all have their own theme and topics. Also, it is a process and finally [it] has to stick together. It has to be a structure in the team, a platform for how we can win games.

ESPN: That will surely take time, so what do you think is a realistic target this season?

Ten Hag: The first target is to win every game, that has to be our approach, that belongs to Man United.


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