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Arthur’s Whisky (2024)

Arthur’s Whisky (2024)

When Joan’s husband dies, she is shocked to discover he had invented an elixir which makes the drinker look young again. Sharing it with her two friends, the three women paint the town red but soon discover that they are no longer equipped to be young in the modern world.

  • Genre:Comedy, Fantasy
  • Release:
  • Stars:Adil Ray, Alex Guersman, Anthony Burgess, Bill Paterson, Boy George, David Bromley, David Harewood, Diane Keaton, Esme Lonsdale, Eva Scott, Faizal Abdullah, Genevieve Gaunt, Hannah Howland, Hayley Mills, Jacqueline Clarke, Jaime Winstone, Joanna David, Kingsley Amadi, Lawrence Chaney, Lulu, Marcus Fraser, Mark Brailsford, Maryanne Eve, Mel Harris, Monika Choan, Nigel Pegram, Ossian Perret, Patricia Hodge, Paul Antony-Barber, Rae Lim, Ross Tomlinson, Talitha Wing, Tom Stourton
  • Duration:91 min
  • Director:Stephen Cookson
  • Country:GB, US


Watch the trailer below;

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